In it to win it

So last weekend I went out with a couple friends of mine and we were out all night then spent the Sunday at one of the friend’s place. While making breakfast with the girls, Lyra confesses that she is dating her boyfriend because he gives her the kind of life she wants though she does not love him and being the only single one around that got me thinking.

Personally, I think relationships are about much more than luxury .They are not about how much money you’ll get or the benefits that come when you are with that person.

Relationships are about loads of truth ,love, understanding and forgiveness. Picking each other up when you fall and I didn’t mean that literally though you can do it too😂.They are about being there when your significant other needs you, helping each other grow in all aspects of life, providing a shoulder to cry on, being there through the good, great and bad times you know being the best thing that happened to each other. Being in it to win it.

It won’t be easy I’ll tell you that. You’ll go through difficult times and situations but what matters is you go through them together and when you make it through, it will all be worth it.It will be beautiful beyond words. Nothing good comes easy. We just have to make sure we are in it for the right reasons and it’s all worth it.



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